Vegan-ish Hits the Big Screen at NEPA Film Festival

Excitement is mounting as the spotlight shines on our documentary, “Vegan-ish,” which has been selected as a finalist for the People’s Choice Award at the prestigious Northeast Pennsylvania Film Festival (NEPA)!

This is not just a recognition of our work, but a celebration of the message we strive to convey and the stories we aim to share.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that our documentary ‘Vegan-ish’ has been selected as a finalist for the People’s Choice Award at the Northeast Pennsylvania Film Festival! Huge thanks for this incredible honor. Our hearts are filled with gratitude,” we announced with immense joy and gratitude.

The NEPA Film Festival has long been known for its commitment to showcasing diverse and thought-provoking films, and to be recognized as a finalist amongst such talent is truly humbling. It’s a testament to the dedication and passion of everyone involved in the making of “Vegan-ish.”

For those eager to join us on this cinematic journey, mark your calendars for April 14, 2024, at 1pm, and head to the Waverly Community House in Waverly, PA. It’s a chance to experience the power of storytelling and the impact of collective voices coming together.

The screening promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering a glimpse into the lives of individuals navigating the complexities of adopting a vegan lifestyle. From personal transformations to societal reflections, “Vegan-ish” delves into the nuances of ethical choices and the broader implications they have on our world.

Tickets for the screening are available at the NEPA Film Festival website, and for those in the vicinity of Waverly, Pennsylvania, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. The full day pass priced at $90 ensures a day filled with cinematic treasures, with “Vegan-ish” being a highlight of the event.

Even if you’re unable to attend in person, your support means the world to us. We’ll be there in spirit, grateful for the opportunity to share our story with audiences far and wide. Thank you for believing in the power of film to inspire change and provoke meaningful conversations.

As we anticipate the screening of “Vegan-ish” at the NEPA Film Festival, we’re filled with gratitude for this incredible opportunity. Together, let’s continue to champion the stories that challenge, enlighten, and empower us all.

For more information and to secure your tickets, visit the NEPA Film Festival website and navigate to the Sunday schedule. We can’t wait to share this moment with you!


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